Configuring Supabase in Quivr

This document provides a comprehensive guide on how to configure Supabase in Quivr, detailing CLI usage, running migrations, resetting the database, and deploying to a hosted version of Supabase.


Before you begin, ensure you have the following:

  • A Supabase account
  • The Supabase CLI installed on your machine

Setting Up Supabase

1. Initialize Supabase

To start, initialize a new Supabase project:

supabase init

2. Configure Environment Variables

Set up the necessary environment variables in your .env file:


Using the Supabase CLI

Running Migrations

To run migrations on your Supabase project:

supabase db push

Resetting the Database

If you need to reset your database:

supabase db reset

Deploying to Hosted Supabase

To deploy your Quivr configurations to a hosted version of Supabase:

  1. Commit your changes to your project repository.
  2. Use the Supabase CLI to push your changes:
supabase db push --linked


By following these steps, you can successfully configure Supabase in Quivr, making use of its powerful database and backend services to enhance your project.