Backend Stack

FastAPI: The Foundation of Quivr

FastAPI is central to Quivr’s high-performance capabilities. Here, we explore its role and the benefits it brings to the table.

Authentication: Secure Access to Quivr

Secure and streamlined authentication is key to accessing Quivr’s features.


Account Creation

Sign up for Quivr and navigate to the /user page on your user dashboard.


API Key Generation

Generate your unique API key in the settings, your access token to Quivr’s backend services.


API Key Usage

Include the generated API key in the request header for secure access.

The Architecture of Our Kingdom: Robust and Scalable

Quivr’s architecture is a testament to modern, scalable web service design:

Words of Wisdom: Keeping Your API Secure

Always protect your API key. It’s crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of your access to Quivr.

The Balance of Power: Pros and Cons Analysis

Understanding the pros and cons of FastAPI helps in making informed decisions:

Interactive API Sandbox: Experience Quivr in Action

Engage with Quivr’s functionality in real-time in our interactive API sandbox:


Next.js and Vercel: The Dynamic Duo

Quivr’s frontend is crafted with Next.js, a cutting-edge React framework, and is hosted on Vercel, a platform tailored for frontend frameworks like Next.js. This combination provides a seamless, efficient, and scalable user experience.

Next.js: The Power of React Enhanced

Next.js is chosen for its robust features that elevate the React development experience:

Vercel: Optimized Hosting for Next.js

Vercel, renowned for its global deployment capabilities and serverless functions, hosts Quivr’s frontend:

By combining Next.js and Vercel, Quivr achieves a robust, scalable, and responsive web application, meeting the demands of modern web users and developers.

This integration of Next.js and Vercel is a testament to Quivr’s commitment to delivering high-quality, responsive, and dynamic web applications, catering to modern web development needs.

Architectural Overview

Explore the intricacies of Quivr’s architecture through this detailed diagram:

Quivr Architecture Diagram

Quivr Community

Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of Quivr. Connect with us:

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