Add New Models

Quivr allows you to add new models to your account. You can add models from the OpenAI API or from your own custom models.

Add a Model

To add a new model, follow these steps:


Go to supabase

Go to the Supabase dashboard.


Select the table models

Select the table models. Supabase tables


Add a new model

Click on the “Add new row” button.


Fill in the form

Fill in the form with the model’s name, maximum tokens, and other details.


Go to the user_settings table

Go to the user_settings table.


Add the model to the user settings

Add the model to the user settings by updating the models field. Supabase user settings


Input the model's name

Input the model’s name in the models array default value. Supabase user settings models


Update existing user settings

Update the existing user settings with the new model.

You have successfully added a new model to your account.